NAJEDŹ NA TO MIEJSCE With the resources and powers given to the commission I doubt very much NAJEDŹ NA TO MIEJSCE they will be able to come up with anything groundbreaking," says Victoria Grabois, president of Rio de Janeiro-based organisation Tortura Nunca Mais (Torture Never Again). Her father, Mauricio Grabois, a high-ranking Communist Party official, has been missing since 1973 when the army raided the guerrilla camp where he was based. The Brazilian government acknowledged in 1995 that the state was responsible for killings, NAJEDŹ NA TO MIEJSCE disappearances and torture during military rule, but a 1979 Amnesty Law - recently upheld in a Supreme Court ruling - prevents any prosecutions. The recently appointed members of the commission are already making it clear that they, too, have neither the authority nor the intention to prosecute anybody. Dilma Rousseff was jailed for three years "We are not here to punish, NAJEDŹ NA TO MIEJSCE that's not the job of any truth commission in the world," says commissioner Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, a Brazilian legal scholar who is also currently also the Chairman of UN's International Commission of Inquiry for Syria and former UN Special Rapporteur for Burma. "There have been more then 40 truth commissions in the world since the 1980s and we will benefit a lot from their experience," Mr Pinheiro told BBC Brasil. But the creation of the Brazilian Truth Commission has also NAJEDŹ NA TO MIEJSCE highlighted the contrast with other Latin American countries - like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru - which have already gone through this process, and where in some cases there have been prosecutions and convictions. "It's fair to say that Brazil is late in respect to its Truth Commission but it's unfair to say that nothing has happened since Brazil returned to democracy, in 2005," says Mr Pinheiro.